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What is Tixel®?

The Tixel® procedure provides an innovative treatment concept for skin rejuvenation that works in a similar way to ablative CO₂ and non-ablative lasers. The method is characterized in particular by the fact that it is gentle, fast and painless. Risks such as pigmentation disorders and longer downtimes can thus be avoided. So a treatment can take place even in the summer months.


How does Tixel® work?

The effect of Tixel® is based on thermo-mechanical ablation (TMA) and is very similar to the effect of a laser, but is characterized by greater safety and tissue preservation. Pain is milder, the healing is faster. Anesthetic creams are not necessary before treatment. Immediately after the treatment session, your skin should feel firmer and smoother. However, the final result is usually visible after 3-8 treatment sessions at intervals of 4-6 weeks.


What can be treated?

With the Tixel®, effective skin rejuvenation (anti-aging) can be achieved. The folding thickness is demonstrably reduced. Pigment shifts and scarring, as z. B. may have arisen as a result of acne, can be treated well with the Tixel®.


What does a Tixel® treatment look like?

A pretreatment is not necessary. A titanium plate with tiny pyramids is heated to about 400 ° C, which is a similar temperature as that produced by laser devices. The pyramids then penetrate in a controlled manner for a short defined time (for milliseconds) into the skin and thus open tiny channels. The treatment can be performed very mildly (similar to a microdermabrasion) or more intensive (like a fractionated ablative laser treatment) This stimulus serves collagen stimulation. In addition, active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or vitamins can subsequently be introduced via the channels in order to increase the treatment result even further. Depending on the size of the skin area to be treated, a therapy session lasts about 30-45 minutes.


What are the risks and side effects of Tixel® treatment?

The therapy is very gentle, so that it comes to less pain and encrustations compared to a laser treatment. Stunning or cooling is not required. After treatment with Tixel®, a sunburn-like feeling can occur for a few hours (feeling tight, burning). Downtime is very short. For 2-4 days the skin may be red and easily slough off.


When should a Tixel® treatment be better not performed?

Treatment with Tixel® should not be performed before or after strong suntan, herpes infections, during pregnancy or lactation, as well as immunosuppression, and on tattoos.

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