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Sweating is an important and physiological function of thermoregulation and thus vital for survival.

Excessive sweating, however, can reach a medical condition, with the transitions being fluent here.


Primary Hyperhidrosis

Increased sweating without a known underlying cause, possible triggers include:

  • Stress, emotions

  • Food (spices)

  • Heat

  • Physical exertion

  • Certain medications


Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Increased perspiration as an accompanying symptom in the presence of an underlying disease (internistic, neurological)



Secondary hyperhidrosis is treated by treatment of the underlying disease. In case of primary hyperhidrosis, different therapeutic measures are possible:

  • Water iontophoresis

  • Anticholinergics, e.g. methanthelinium

  • Antiperspirants, e.g. Aluminum chloride hexahydrate

  • Botulinum toxin

  • Surgical removal of sweat glands

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