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Hair loss can have many causes, leading to both localized and generalized hairlessness.


Androgenetic Alopecia

It is the most common form of hair loss in both men and women, with a difference in clinical pattern distribution and causes.


Hair Loss - Men

Symptoms: "receding hairline" and / or thin hair in the back of the head. This can lead to a balding in the areas mentioned, so that only one hair ring is left (male pattern of hair loss). The first symptoms usually appear in adolescents. With increasing age the hair density decreases.

The cause of this is a shrinking of the hair roots, which are particularly sensitive to the male sex hormones and no longer form thick, strong hairs.


Hair Loss - Women

Symptoms: Thin hair, especially in the crown, balding is unlikely. The hair loss is usually noticeable only after menopause.

To what extent an increased androgen sensitivity of the hair roots is also the basis for women is not yet clarified in detail.


Circular hair loss (alopecia areata)

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease, it comes to an immune reaction against the hair roots - affected is usually the head hair, more rarely, other body regions may be involved. The disease usually occurs before the age of 30 and the course is very variable. Typical are circular, as punched-acting hairless areas. In addition to the hair, the nails may be affected. The alopecia areata can also be associated with other diseases, especially thyroid disease, vitiligo and atopy.


Diffuse Hair Loss

A diffuse hair loss can have different reasons. The major causes of diffuse hair loss include hormonal changes as well as thyroid dysfunction and iron deficiency. Even medicines can cause hair loss. Between triggers and clinical symptoms may be weeks to months.


Scarring Alopecia

In the case of scarring alopecia, different triggers cause irreversible destruction of the hair roots. In addition to special dermatological disorders are as causes physical / chemical, infectiological, autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory


Therapy of hair loss

The treatment of hair loss depends on the cause of the disease and is diverse. In addition to the usual procedures, we also offer injection therapy with PRP (platelet-rich plasma).

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