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Biene auf Blume

Allergies have increased significantly in recent years due to environmental factors. They manifest themselves on the skin as eczema, wheals or rashes all over the body associated with itching and on the mucous membrane as hay fever or asthma. An important role is played by the detailed anamnesis and diagnostics. Therapeutically, hyposensitization can often help alleviate the symptoms.

Pipettieren Proben


  • Prick test

  • Patch test

  • Laboratory diagnostics (specific IgE)

  • LTT

Drogen- und Spritze



  • Subcutaneous immunotherapy

       The allergens are injected subcutaneously in an increasing dose under the skin.

  • Sublingual immunotherapy

       The allergens are delivered via drops or orodispersible tablets that are placed

       under the tongue.

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