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Silhouette Soft® - The Happy Lift

Our skin loses its elasticity in the course of life. The face is less taut, it comes to negative wrinkling with eye wrinkles, nasolabial and puppet wrinkles. Hanging and neck pleats are just as typical.



SILHOUETTE SOFT® is a new technology that has a double effect: both a lifting and a regenerating effect. The product consists of polylactic acid and glycolic acid. These components are completely broken down in the body within 12-15 months. Due to the new formation of connective tissue, the skin-tightening result remains visible for up to 3 years. Special cones act as barbs in the tissue and can thus tighten the tissue. The thread lift is an effective way to restore the natural facial contour. The method does without cuts and accordingly without permanent scars.


The two modes of action of SILHOUETTE SOFT ®

  • A firming effect for immediate results: Immediately upon treatment, the surgeon can define the affected area by using the bi-directional and absorbable cones on the sutures to contract and lift the tissue.

  • A volumizing effect for gradual natural results: The absorption of the thread material, the polylactic acid, stimulates natural collagen production and thus further improves the treatment area.


Which areas can be treated?

  • Eyebrows

  • Forehead

  • Chin / Jaw line

  • Neck

  • Midface (cheek, nasolabial fold)


How is the treatment done?

Before the actual thread lifting, the desired treatment areas are marked and the puncture sites are locally anesthetized. The threads are then inserted under the skin. Since there is no sensitive nerve supply in this area, the procedure is painless. Due to the special structure of the lifting threads, the threads anchor themselves in the slack fabric. Here, the cones ("cones") are of particular importance. Finally, the tissue is shaped and tightened. Depending on the treatment area two or more threads are needed, the treatment time is 30-60min.


Side effects and risks of a thread lift

Redness, minor bruising and swelling, as well as slight side differences. Also, after the treatment for a few days, mild tenderness and a feeling of tension or foreign body and also pain may occur in the case of Silhouette Soft®-Lifting, temporary "rippling" of the repositioned tissue, which i.d.R. disappears after a week.

Rare to very rare side effects include pigmentation, inflammation or infection, allergic reactions, abscesses, blistering and nodule formation, hardening and injury to muscles and nerves.

In order to minimize the risk of bleeding and bruising in particular, blood-thinning medication and the intake of vitamin D should be avoided in the week before the treatment (if necessary, consultation with the family doctor).


Summary of advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of thread lifting:

  • Minimally invasive procedure without surgery or narcosis

  • Short treatment time (about 30-45min)

  • Without visible scars

  • Shortly after treatment, an effect can be seen (immediate tightening)

  • The thread material stimulates collagen synthesis (sustainable effect)

  • Results last longer than filler treatments (12-24 months)

  • The downtime after treatment is very short

  • Well combinable with other methods (eg Botox, Filler, Laser, Tixel)

Disadvantages of the thread lift:

  • Advanced skin aging / relaxation may not be satisfactorily treated

  • A few days after the procedure should be made as possible no pronounced mimic facial movements

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