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In modern aesthetic cosmetics, peels are increasingly being used on the basis of fruit acids. They are very safe and can be flexibly adapted to the skin type.


What causes a fruit acid peeling?

  • The skin renewal is stimulated

  • Removal of the upper, dead skin cells

  • Reduction of the thickness of the horny layer

  • A uniform and well-groomed skin

  • Increase of collagen formation

  • Stabilization of the acid mantle of the skin


The effect depends on the concentration of the fruit acid and the pH of the products. To achieve the optimal effect, a treatment series should be carried out, which includes 6 to 12 sessions at intervals of 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the skin type.


For whom is a peeling suitable?

Anyone who wants to preserve their fresh, youthful appearance or refine their complexion, can be treated with a fruit acid peel. Through different individual exfoliating concentrations, depending on your wishes, only a skin revitalization to deeper peels (wrinkle treatment, treatment of pigmentary disorders, scar treatments).


What can be treated with a fruit acid peeling?

  • Fine lines

  • Mature skin

  • Coarse-pored skin

  • Tired looking skin

  • Signs of premature aging

  • Blemished skin

  • Light, superficial acne scars

  • Keratinization

  • Pigmentation


The treatment

The doctor or beautician will choose a fruit acid peeling that suits your skin type. The number of treatments and the intervals are also set by the practitioner.

  1. Cleaning: An even result is achieved by thorough cleaning and degreasing.

  2. Application: The peeling gel is evenly and quickly applied to the facial skin, if necessary also on the neck and on the décolleté.

  3. Neutralize: After a few minutes, the fruit acid is neutralized. The skin is lighter or more red depending on the intensity of the peeling. The redness, however, subsides after a short time.

  4. Care after the peeling: To conclude, intensive care is recommended, as the absorption capacity of the skin for active substances and moisture is now very high.

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