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The first filler with an individually selectable durability

What is Ellansé®?

Ellansé® is a novel filler that differs from the established hyaluronic acid preparations with its special properties. Its base is a polycaprolactone (PCL, polylactic acid) gel that is completely broken down by the body over time. It is particularly suitable for volume buildup:

  • Filling fine to deeper wrinkles (nasolabial region, puppet folds)

  • Contouring of facial parts (eg chin and mandible line)

  • Nose shaping

  • Volume treatment in the cheek or temple region

  • Volume treatment of neck and hands

Its uniqueness is its predictable durability. Its duration of action can be set to one to four years, depending on the type of product used (S, M, L, E). This durability is achieved by each different length polymer chains. A crucial difference to the Hyaluronfillern represents the Ellansé-induced collagen regeneration. This is crucial for the elasticity and fullness of the skin.


How is an Ellansé® treatment done?

The treatment is like that with a hyaluronic acid filler. Unlike most hyaluronic acid supplements, Ellansé® is NOT a local anesthetic. Therefore, the treatment may be associated with relatively more severe pain / burning. On the other hand, the concentration of active ingredient is particularly high and the product is very productive. If necessary, surface treatment can be done before treatment. The actual injection takes place with a very fine cannula. First results are visible immediately after treatment. After about 4 months, the result is even stronger - through the formation of new collagen. This gives additional volume and resilience.

What advantages does a treatment with Ellansé® offer?

In particular, the good predictability of efficacy is an outstanding feature of Ellansé®. In addition, the durability against hyaluronic acid fillers is very high. The induction of collagen creates additional elasticity, the skin looks plump and fresh.


What side effects and risks exist?

Similar to other injection treatments, slight swelling, redness and bruising (hematoma) may occur in the treatment area. Cooling before and after treatment can reduce the risk of occurrence. Should they nevertheless occur, they form back within a few days.

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